All forms are in Adobe PDF format.  If you do not have a .pdf reader installed on your computer, you may click here for a free download of the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

All forms, with the exception of the Renewal Forms, are fillable forms.  You may download the form(s) and type in the required information on your computer before printing, or you may print the blank form and write in the required information.

Forms that do not require payment of a processing fee and/or a public notary may be e-mailed or faxed.  Forms that do require payment of a processing fee and/or a public notary must be mailed or otherwise delivered to our office.

Please note:  All fees accompanying forms must be paid by check or money order. The Board does not accept payment by cash, credit/debit cards, or any other electronic means.

Current & New Licensee Forms

Change of Address or Status & New Activations

Forms Requiring Payment

These forms may be mailed with a check, or for quicker processing and online payment, you may submit them by email. The form will be reviewed and you will receive an email with payment information. After your online payment is processed, you will receive email confirmation of the changes  and instructions for printing your license.

1. *Trade Name Change (Licensee or firm name in which business is conducted)
2. *Add Sub-licensee
* Forms 1 & 2 require notarization. The original notarized paper document must be mailed to the Board office and received within 2 weeks.
3. License Activation (for licensees who have passed required exams)
 New licensees will receive their certificate by mail.

Forms Requiring No Payment

These forms may be mailed, emailed or faxed. Address changes may also be completed online.

  1. Address Change: Licensee – You may change address online by clicking here
  2. Address Change: Sub-licensee – You may change address online by clicking here
  3. Delete Sub-licensee

Renewal Forms

NOTICE:  All licensees MUST CLICK HERE AND READ the Public Notice Statement from the North Carolina Industrial Commission.
All licensees MUST SIGN the attestestion included on the renewal forms below. 

Renewal forms submitted without the licensee’s signature will not be processed.


  1. Renewal Form – 2023
  2. Renewal Form – 2023 and Previous Year(s) 

Online Ordering


1.    Books – Board’s Laws and Rules, Business and Project Management for Contractors –

2.     Request for Copy (Reprint) of License – (Please indicate in address field: plain paper license copy or gold seal license certificate)

3.     Request for Register of Licensees – (Complete listing of currently active licensees by qualifications)

4.     Request for Verification of License – (Official documentation of licensees history)

5.     Request for Listing of Current Applicants – (Individuals eligible for examinations)