North Carolina
State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors

Interpretations - Plumbing Code
North Carolina Department of Insurance / Office of State Fire Marshall (Engineering)

101.3        Intent and Enforceability in the Plumbing Code

101.6        Public Utility Contractors Installing Building Sewer and Water Service

305.5        Drain Pipe and Sleeve Sizes

305.5        Foundation Pipe Sleeves

305.6        Buried Depth of Water Pipe

305.6.1     Freeze Protection of Soil and Waste Traps

305.8        Nail Guards for Plastic Plumbing

307.1        Minimum Plumbing Fixture Clearances

307.1        Lavatory Sidewall Clearance - Residential

308.10      Stack Base Supported with Earth

312.5        Testing at Working Pressure

315           Carbon Monoxide Alarms in One-and-Two-Family Dwellings and Townhouses

403.1        Toilet Facilities for Vegetable and Fruit Stands

403.1        Location of Facilities for Churches

403.9.4     Press Box Toilets

405.3.1     Lavatory Sidewall Clearance - Residential

406.3        Clothes Washer Drain Size

409.3        Domestic Dishwasher Waste Connection

417.4.1     Use of Expoxy Paint as a Smooth, Hard, Nonabsorbent Surface around Plumbing Fixtures

419.3        Use of Expoxy Paint as a Smooth, Hard, Nonabsorbent Surface around Plumbing Fixtures

421.5        Whirlpool Bathtubs Pump Access

502.5        Water Heaters in Garages

502.8        Drilling and Notching of Girders

502.8        Drilling Middle Two-Tenths of Floor Joists

504.6        Water Heater Discharge

504.7        Required Pans for Water Heaters

504.7.1     PVC Pipe for Water Heater Pan Discharge

504.7.2     Water Heater Relief Valve Discharge

607.3        Thermal Expansion Control

702.4        Using the Inside of a PVC Pipe for a Fitting

708.4        Crawl Space Heights for Cleanouts

801.2        Residential Bin Type Icemakers

802.1.3     Residential Bin Type Icemakers